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Protect Your Servers from Hackers and Avoid Expensive Downtime - Watch Your Windows Services Like a Hawk with Service Hawk

WHITE PIGEON, MI, October 02, 2006 - Wingenuity, Inc. announces the release of Service Hawk version 2.1, a Windows Services monitoring application for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, that helps businesses and ISPs thwart hacking attempts against their servers.

Service Hawk vigilantly monitors Windows Services and automatically restarts them if necessary, making this the perfect tool for businesses that need a form of protection against hackers and bugs that can get into the system and cause service failures. Notification of service interruption is then sent through email, alertbox notification, or sound alert and logged to a log file.

Email notifications can be customized according to the number of people that receive notification of a service failure, the contents of the email, and the format (HTML or plain text). Service Hawk also serves as a management tool because it allows you to control individual services and set the startup type directly from within the application.

The price for Service Hawk is US $179.00 for a single-server license. Site licenses are also available.

To order Service Hawk securely online, visit the product website at or write to Wingenuity, Inc., 69947 S River Rd, White Pigeon, MI 49099.


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Release Notes

Version 3.1 released!

This version of Service Hawk now runs as a Windows Service itself.


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