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Service Hawk - Monitor and Automatically Restart Windows Services.


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Restart Windows Services Automatically

Windows Service Monitoring Software with Scheduled Restarts

Service Hawk - Automatically Restart Windows Services!
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  • Restart windows services automatically.
  • Rest easy knowing your servers are up and running!
  • Keep expensive downtime to a minimum.
  • Services are automatically restarted - no human intervention required!
  • Service Hawk runs as a Windows Service to ensure that it stays running - even after you log out.
  • No limit to the number of services you can monitor.
  • Runs on server and desktop versions of Windows.
  • Free top-notch Technical Support.
  • One full year of Update Protection included with purchase.
  • 30-day Unconditional 100% Money Back Triple Guarantee.
  • Instant Product Key delivery via email.
  • Ensure your security today! - Only US $279.00, with FREE shipping on all CD-ROM orders! (Volume Pricing Available)

Why You Need Service Hawk:

  • Schedule services to automatically restart regardless of their current state, even if they are supposedly still running.
  • Selectively choose which services you wish to monitor, and specify how often to verify their status
  • Optional service failure notifications via customizable emails, on-screen messages, and sound alerts
  • Get immediate notifications via email, on-screen messages, or sound alerts.
  • Send email notifications to multiple recipients
  • Easily keep track of past service interruptions via comprehensive logging
  • Control individual services (Start/Stop, Pause/Resume, Restart) directly from within Service Hawk
  • Modify start-up type for each service (Automatic, Manual, Disabled)
  • Optionally include low-level Kernel and System Driver services
  • Supports both HTML and plain text email notifications
  • Add one or more file attachments to email notifications

Security breaches take place every day, but that doesn't mean you should have to spend lots of time or money monitoring your servers just to make sure you are protected. Hackers, bugs, or even system crashes can wreak havoc on the profitability of your business if given the opportunity. You must protect yourself from disasters like this! The good news? Service Hawk can do it for you. Automatically.

Service Hawk can also periodically restart services on a user-defined schedule regardless of their state, ensuring that the service is running smoothly and stays operational. Scheduling a restart for the service will take place at the specified restart time regardless of what state the specified service is currently in (even if the service is supposedly still running). This is particularly useful for ensuring that a service is running in a healthy state. Sometimes a service will report that it is "running" but is in a hung or frozen state, so restarting the service on a user-defined schedule is a great solution in most cases.

Case Study

Imagine this scenario: You own a small ISP that runs web servers for hundreds of clients. Unexpectedly, a hacker breaks into your network and shuts down all of your web servers. You may not be aware of this tragedy for hours, but your clients sure are! This loss of web presence is cutting into their bottom line and they are losing money. Not surprisingly, several of your clients decide to take their business elsewhere because, in their eyes, you are now an unreliable company. Don't let this happen to you!

Sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, scenarios like this occur all the time and are becoming more frequent. Fortunately, Service Hawk can monitor and restart your Windows Services for you, automatically, so you will be ready when hackers or bugs in the system threaten to bring down your services.

Additional Full Version Benefits

  • Instant Product Key delivery via email.
  • No limit to the number of services you can monitor.
  • One full year of free software upgrades included with purchase.
  • Free top-notch Technical Support.
  • 30-day Unconditional 100% Money Back Triple Guarantee.
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A Sampling of Common Windows Services and their Descriptions

Service Hawk can easily monitor Web Servers, Email Servers, FTP Servers, and any others that run as a Windows Service. Here are a few other examples of common services that Service Hawk can monitor:

  • Alerter - Advises specific users of alerts.
  • Automatic Updates - Allows computers to download and install updates for Windows.
  • DHCP Client - Handles computer networks by assigning and keeping track of IP addresses.
  • DNS Client - Resolves and stores DNS (Domain Name System) names.
  • Error Reporting Service - Enables error reports for applications running in environments that are not typical.
  • Event Log - Allows programs to issue messages to the event log, which can then be viewed in the Event Viewer. You cannot stop this service from running.
  • Fax - Allows faxes to be sent and received from your computer.
  • HTTP SSL - Takes care of HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol), and makes use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service - Takes care of recording to CD-ROMs via IMAPI (Image Mastering Applications Programming Interface).
  • Logical Disk Manager - Finds and watches hard drives on your computer.
  • Messenger - Sends Alerter and net send messages from clients to servers.
  • Plug and Play - Allows your computer to distinguish and automatically account for changes to hardware.
  • Print Spooler - Puts files in memory so that they can be printed later.
  • Protected Storage - Grants protected storage for private data and prevents unauthorized access to that data.
  • Remote Registry - Allows users from remote locations to modify values in the local registry.
  • Security Center - Keeps an eye on settings regarding the security of the local system.
  • System Restore Service - Takes care of what needs to be done for using system restore.
  • Telnet - Allows a user from a remote location to establish a connection with the local computer with the purpose of executing programs.
  • Terminal Services - Permits many users to connect to the local machine.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply - Takes care of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) functions for this computer.
  • Windows Audio - Handles the audio devices for this computer.
  • Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) - Supplies NAT (Network Address Translation), TCP/IP addressing, and DNS name resolution for small home/office computer networks. It allows more than one computer to share the same online connection.
  • Windows Installer - Installs, updates, and uninstalls software that uses the Windows Installer method of packaging and distribution.
  • Windows Time - Keeps the time (and date) synchronized on all computers in the same network.
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Want more info? - Check out the Windows XP Services resource site!

Release Notes

Version 3.1 released!

This version of Service Hawk now runs as a Windows Service itself.


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